Gremlins 2: George Mogwai Movie Prop

A great mechanical George mogwai prototype wearing his trademark grumpy gangster face.



George is a mogwai character from the 1990 movie Gremlins 2: The New Batch. He is the "straight man" to his partner Lenny's constant dopey antics. His gangster type scowl almost personally etched in his face was originally based off actor Edward G. Robinson.

George Mogwai movie prop

This George mogwai puppet created by Jim McPherson is an early R&D prototype designed to help showcase the George design's paint and fur. The puppet is very close to the George design we all know, but lacks the final ears as well as all the mechanics you would see in similar screen-used puppets like the Mohawk in our collection. While lacking full animatronics, it does have four mechanisms to move the arms and feet with a collection of wires coming out of the back.

George Mogwai initial clay sculpt

George mogwai sculpts by Jim McPherson

George Mogwai initial clay sculpt
Gremlins 2 mogwai prototypes

This George mogwai can be seen in this archival group photo of the original prototypes including Gizmo. Most of these are very close to being finished designs, with only tweaks here and there that happened before production started.

George Mogwai mechanical movie prop from Gremlins 2
George Mogwai mechanical movie prop from Gremlins 2 side view
George Mogwai mechanical movie prop from Gremlins 2 side view

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

The magical collectibles store that Gizmo calls home has just been destroyed, and the tiny monster finds his way into a newly erected skyscraper. Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) and his bride-to-be, Kate (Phoebe Cates), who have previously dealt with Gremlins run amok, discover that Gizmo and an impish legion of reptilian pals are inhabiting the downtown building. The couple tries to stop the creatures from escaping into New York City, but this new batch of beasts might be uncontrollable.

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