Gremlins 2: Lenny Mogwai Movie Prop

It's hard not to love Lenny with his two protruding teeth and derpy smile. This unique movie prop is a great example of a Lenny puppet and was designed for walking on screen.


Screen shot showing the walking Lenny puppet

Lenny Mogwai Movie Prop

Screen Used for Lenny walking shots


Lenny is a mogwai character from the 1990 movie Gremlins 2: The New Batch. He is one of the the five original main characters created from Gizmo and is frequently seen hanging out with his "Of Mice and Men" inspired buddy, George. Lenny is known for his cute and innocent appearance, but also for his mischievous and unpredictable nature. He also really likes frozen yogurt.

Lenny the mogwai screen used movie prop

This is a rather interesting puppet, because it shows how certain props were created for one specific purpose in the movie. This Lenny puppet is what's called an "open top" or "walking" model where a puppeteer could put their hand in from the top and then create walking motions with their fingers. The head is also removable for ease of use.

This puppet appears to be screen used and you can see it in one shot while the mogwais first approach a very alarmed Gizmo near the air vent.

Back of the Lenny the mogwai design
Lenny mogwai screen used movie prop from Gremlins 2


This Lenny mogwai prop was originally restored by Tom Spina's team a few years back, but such is life with slowly decaying foam, it needed a little extra work. Our friend Joe Petro took over from there and did some light touch-ups on Lenny's face to help keep him looking good for years to come. We also created a new acrylic base so the other mogwais in the collection could match.

Lenny mogwai movie prop puppet