Gremlins: Dick Miller Owned and Annotated Script

This incredible script comes straight from the hands of Dick Miller and contains personal notes, circled scenes, and handwritten dialog.

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Dick Miller as Mr Futterman in Gremlins

Dick Miller Owned Gremlins Script

Handwritten dialog, notes, and circled scenes. A true treasure.


Dick Miller is a beloved character actor who has appeared in over 100 films and television shows throughout his career. One of his most memorable roles was as Murray Futterman in the 1984 film Gremlins.

Miller's role in Gremlins is considered a cult classic, and he has since gone on to become a cult icon in the world of film. His memorable performance helped to cement his status as a talented character actor and establish his place in pop culture history. Gremlins was a massive commercial success and has since become a holiday classic. Miller’s role as Murray Futterman, is now considered as one of the iconic characters in the film.

"Told you we shoulda' bought a Zenith!"

When it comes to Gremlins movie treasures, it's really hard to top this relic. The following are photos from Dick Miller's personal script, an eighth draft dated April 11th, 1983 and close to the final movie script.

The front cover shows wear from the 40+ years of existence with some rusty three-hole-punch fasteners. You can see Mr. Miller's handwritten scene numbers in the top corner along with some upcoming scheduling dates. The red stamp is common on all scripts handed to key players, Mr. Miller was designated GREM00074 and it is stamped on all pages of the script.

Gremlins Eighth Draft Script from 1983
Gremlins Eighth Draft Script from 1983

One of the more memorable scenes with the Futtermans is the banter while they watch TV on the couch. Here we see the events leading up to the Gremlins driving a snow plow through their house, including handwritten dialog describing him getting laid off from the noddle factory because of Mrs. Deagle. This ended up being cut from the movie, but it is preserved in roughly 10 minutes of Gremlins deleted scenes.

Sheila Futterman : Did you hear from the noodle factory?

Murray Futterman : That's not going to reopen.

Sheila Futterman : [looks at him]  Ever?

Murray Futterman : Mrs. Deagle forclosed on the goddamn factory. I guess that's the end of my career in noodles.

Sheila Futterman : [smiles] There's more to life than noodles (she says macaroni in the deleted scene).

Handwritten Dialog notes from Dick Miller
Handwritten Dialog notes from Dick Miller
Gremlins Movie
Dick Miller in Gremlins

Mr. Miller circled off all his speaking scenes in this draft and you can see close to final dialog for his character. Still there are little interesting nuances left in that would ultimately be updated or ad libbed in his final performance.

Gremlins Movie Script
Mr Futterman in Gremlins