Gremlins 2: Cinematographer John Hora's WB Parking Pass

A unique Gremlins production piece from a time before the final Gremlins logo was established.

The Gremlins Museum

Gremlins parking pass from the Warner Brothers lot

John Hora was the cinematographer for many of Joe Dante's masterpieces including both Gremlins movies, The Explorers, The Howling, and Matinee. This relic, much like the Gremlins 2 storyboard binder comes from his estate.

So what exactly is this? These pieces of rigid cardboard were used by people on the Warner Brothers lot to show that they actually belonged there. They were displayed on the dashboard of their car during the movie's production.

Besides being owned by an important person in the crew, this parking pass also displays the original Gremlins logo before it was updated and became synonymous with the films.

Gremlins parking pass from the Warner Brothers lot