Gremlins 2: Prototype Bat Gremlin

A spectacular piece just from a historical standpoint, this Gremlin puppet prototype became the basis for the Bat Gremlin. Although never used on screen, this design captured a generic Gremlin profile from an early stage and gave a hint of what was to come.

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The Gremlins Museum

Original Condition

When this Gremlin prototype was originally sold in the Rick Baker Auction of 2015, this poor guy had seen a good 25+ years of foam decay. Cracks, prominent holes, and even foam melt on his face had taken hold and really aged this important piece from his glory days. Originally sculpted by Tom Hester and painted by Eddie Yang, it really needed a solid restoration to be able to appreciate all the artistry involved in its creation.

Prototype Bat Gremlin by Rick Baker

Photos courtesy of PropStore

Prototype Bat Gremlin by Rick Baker


We sent this piece to Kira Tidmore, a fantastic restoration artist living in Los Angeles. Having worked on many other Gremlins, Critters and foam monsters she was perfect for the job. Kira carefully filled in exposed foam in the stomach, back and arms. The Gremlin was missing a toe and had half a foot which she was able to reconstruct and match to the surrounding texture. Most of the stuck foam on the face was able to be removed, texture matched, and seamlessly paint blended.

Gremlin Prop Restoration

Finishing the Project

The final step of the project was giving the Gremlin a new stand. The original pipe and wooden base put pressure on the legs to support the body which long term wasn't a great plan. He was given a new acrylic stand and base which took all the pressure off the body and should keep him well preserved into the future.

Final Bat Gremlin Prototype
Final Bat Gremlin Prototype